Competency Targetted for S-1 Undergraduate Students

The Civil Engineering Department has targetted the following competency for its undergraduate students, that upon graduation they will be:

  1. Able to work in group to perform civil engineering design with sustainable planning of the following subjects
    • Common buildings, industrial buildings, and bridge structures.
    • Water supply and hydraulic structures.
    • Transportation infrastructures and supporting facilities.
    • Geotechnical structures.
    • Project management system.
  2. Able to improve themselves as professional civil engineers.
  3. Able to  communicate  their  scientific  works  in  oral  and  in  written  format  based  on professional ethi
  4. Able to solve case study or conducting applied research in Civil Engineering.
  5. Possess the necessary knowledge to become an entrepreneur, or to continue their study to the graduate level.

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