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Kelas SLC

Currently, the Civil Engineering Department owns 8 classrooms for the undergraduate program only (entirely separate facilities for the Graduate Program). All the classrooms are equipped with multimedia facilities, LAN, air conditioners, OHP, and whiteboard.


The Civil Engineering Department is supported by six laboratories, including:

  1. Laboratory of Concrete and Building Materials
  2. Laboratory of Structure
  3. Laboratory of Soil Mechanics and Rocks.
  4. Laboratory of Transportation and Road Materials.
  5. Laboratory of Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering.
  6. Laboratory of Construction Management.

Conference Room

Conference Room

The main conference room is equipped with 120-seat capacity, equipped with sound system and multimedia facilities. This room can be used for meeting, seminar, workshop and guests lectures. Furthermore, the Civil Engineering Department also maintains 2 other smaller meeting rooms used for other purposes.

Creativity Room

Creativity Room 2 Creativity Room

This room is prepared for all members of department to improve their ability in arts, especially in singing & playing musical instrument as well as to carryout choir rehearsal.

Wifi Connection and Internet Facilities


LAN Connection and internet facilities are available in almost all of the laboratories, offices, and. Students can also access internet through the SLC or by utilizing the free Wi-fi hotspot.

Praying Room

Praying Room
Two praying rooms are provided for staff and for student.


R.Baca S1 (4) R.Baca S1 (5)

This room has a capacity of 40 seats; and contains various book collections.

Open Space Both Academic and Non Academic Activities.

Panorama Taman Gedung E

Taman dengan Gazebo


DCE Canteen

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