Laboratory of Concrete and Building Materials


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Emphasize  on  service  for  customer  satisfaction,  and  to  aim  toward  international-standard laboratory.


  1.  Educational communities.
  2.  Researchers.
  3.  Practicing engineers.

The Laboratory of Concrete and Building Materials provides the following services:

1)      Training on Design Quality Improvement:

  1. Comprehension of the new codes
  2. Application of reinforced concrete design
  3. Design of various earthquake-resistant structures. d. The skill on using CAD, CAE, SAP, ETABS for design.

2)      Development of new product materials to meet market demand.

  1. Establishing new product specifications.
  2. Maintaining uniformity of product quality c. Increase of productivity.
  3. Development of new product through research.

3)      Certification for product quality :

  1. Skill on  control  and  production  of  building  materials,  especially  for  high-strength concret
  2. Testing of product quality according to international standard (ASTM)

4)      Rehabilitation, repair and retrofit of buildings.

  1. Repair of buildings due to damage from corrosion, fire, or earthquak
  2. Strengthening building structure to anticipate stronger earthquake forces.

5)      Research

  1. Innovation on obtaining better quality materials. Performing tests on structural performances.
  2. Developing cooperation with others, in national or international level.


Staff of Experts and Their Specialties:

Discrete and Finite Element Method,  and Structural Modelling
Prof. Ir. Priyo Suprobo, MS, Ph.D (Head of Laboratory)

Eartquake Resistance Structures and Structural Modelling
Prof. Tavio, ST, MT, Ph.D

Reliability Based Optimization and Advanced Material Development
Faimun, Ir, M.Sc, Ph.D

Innovative Materials and Concrete Durability
Dr.Eng. Januarti Jaya Eka Putri, ST, MT

Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering, Concrete Technology and Analysis
Dr.techn Pujo Aji, ST, MT

Design  of Earthquake-Resistant and Application of Programs for Structures and Materials
Ir. Mudji Irmawan, MS

Structural Assesment, rehabilitation, and retrofitting, Development of Laboratory Equipments
Bambang Piscesa, ST, MT
Harun Al Rasyid, ST, MT, Ph.D

Prestressed Concrete Pile Analytical and Modelling
Candra Irawan, ST, MT
Dwi Prasetya, ST, MT, M.Sc

Design of Structural Element using Rational Approach
Ir. Kurdian Suprapto, MS.

Design of Structure Reliability with Probability Approach
Ir. Iman Wimbadi, MS.

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