Laboratory of Structure

Lab Struktur

Phone      : +6231-5946094 / 5927540
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Laboratory of Structure, CE Dept.of ITS.

Established  initially  in  1973,  the  Laboratory  of  Structure  since  then  has  performed  many activities on research, testing, designing, and supervison.
For the operation, it is supported by experts on variety of subjects, which are:   10 experts on structural   engineering,   2  experts  on  foundation   engineering,   and  1  expert  on  material engineering.  Furthermore,  it  is  also  supported  by  3  qualified  technicians.  The  Structural Laboratory is also equipped with fairly modern facilities, so that most of the conducted researchers. Some case studies have been performed using the Laboratory’s own facilities.
It includes the following facilities : a workshop area of 305 m2, a laboratory area of 225 m2, and a corrosion testing room of 35 m2 area.

Type of Service

Based on the experties and facilities available in the Laboratory of Structure of the CE Dept. of ITS, the type of services can be performed by the lab. are:

  • Testing of structures and materials.
  • Design of upper structures and substructures.
  • Advisory on structural cases.
  • Supervision on structural applications.
  • Value engineering.
  • Training, or special courses on structural engineering.


Staff of Experts and Their Specialties :

Composite structure
Budi Suswanto, ST, MT, Ph.D (Head of Laboratory)

Material and concrete durability
Prof. Dr. Ir. Triwulan, DEA

Prestressed concrete, concrete’s corrosion
Prof. Dr. Ir. I Gusti Putu Raka, DEA

Earthquake-resistant steel structure; structural modelling
Dr. Ir. Hidayat Soegihardjo, MS.

Structural modeling, dynamic structure, human-structure interaction
Endah Wahyuni, ST, M.Sc, Ph.D

Finite element analysis
Data Iranata, ST, MT, Ph.D

Bridge structure
Ir. Djoko Irawan, MS

Casteleted steel structure
Ir. Heppy Kristijanto, MS

Analysis and dynamic foundation
Ir. Ananta Sigit Sidharta, MSc, Ph.D

Steel Structure
Ir. Isdarmanu, M.Sc.
Ir. Soewardojo, MSc

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